For Sale: High Country Hunting Retreat near Omeo, Victoria.

  • 2km x 1km (approx.) 210 ha (520 acres) on 2 titles.
  • Has subdivision plan for 2 lots.
  • Mixture of forest, cleared gully floors,
  • 1.5km creek flat and other clearings.

Suitable for:

  • Sambar hunting – 2 major east facing gullies, 2 major south facing gullies plus many minor gullies;
  • Bordered on all sides by privately owned forest which minimises trespassing;
  • Goat production;
  • Horse/m/cycle trail riding;
  • Ecotourism;


  • 19m x 8m steel shed, electricity connected, insulated and lined.
  • Kitchen and bathroom, gas hot water.
  • Large wood heater.
  • 2 rainwater tanks.
  • New 20x8m Shipping Container.
  • Power runs 2km length of block adjacent to the access road.
  • Vehicle management tracks.
  • Dam &Trough.
  • Security gate.

Offered on a “walk-in-walk-out" basis

Price $595,000

For more information including detailed aerial photos call Errol on 03 5156 8278

About the block

This hunting block, located in Victoria’s High Country, is Errol Mason’s primary field laboratory where he has studied sambar behaviour and conducted his Hunt Smart Training Courses for the past 10 years.

This is not just any hunting block – it’s unique. In fact it took Errol two years of searching to discover the perfect research centre. So why is it special? Because it has all the features necessary to attract and hold sambar.

It has two major east facing gullies – one 700m long and the largest is 1.2km long with a number of minor gullies running off either side. In addition, it has three south facing gullies, including one huge one.

This property also has many observation points which are perfect for non-invasive viewing of these Big Brown Deer.

One hundred or so years ago this block was partially cleared as a working farm and as a result, its gully floors, the 1.5km creek flat, plus several mini hubs were partially cleared. Fortunately sufficient structure remains to enable the deer to feel secure in these more open grazing areas. These areas produce a considerable amount of forage which is essential to holding sambar, whilst the 1.5km spring fed creek supplies water, forage and cover. The gullies heads were not cleared so they comprise tall forest with a dense dogwood understorey which affords the deer protection from predators and extreme weather.

This block is the picture-perfect mosaic of dense forest dropping down to woodland and then cleared and semi-cleared grazing areas on the gully floors and creek flat.

Unlike land bordered by State Forest or National Park, the possibility of trespassing is greatly reduced because this property is surrounded by privately owned forest plus a security gate prevents entry by unauthorised vehicles.

Properties of this size and unique features are rare making it a once in a lifetime opportunity for some lucky buyer.

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