Vanguard Bipod
Model Pro B62

The Vanguard bipod model Pro B62 is an excellent combination Bipod / Shooting Sticks and extends from 730mm (28 3/4 inches) to 1590mm (62 5/8 inches) and weighs a mere 640gm / 1.41 lb.

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  • Extends from 730mm (28 3/4 inches) to 1590mm (62 5/8 inches)
  • Weight: 640gm / 1.41 lb
  • Minimum shooting height 68cm / 27inches
  • Material: Alloy and plastic construction.
  • Rubber ribbing in the V shaped yoke firmly hold the rifle stock so there is no sideways or forward slippage
  • Padded upper legs insulate hands against extreme cold and minimise noise
  • Tripod style lever leg locks enable fast and silent height adjustment
  • Rubber feet screw off to expose metal tipped feet to suit different terrain
  • Removable snowshoes provided
  • Patented Yoke Adjustment System (YAS) offers adjustable V-shaped rubber yoke to fit variable-sized rifle fore stocks (80°, 120°, and 160° angles)
  • Yoke swivels 360° for multiple-angle shots
  • Yoke unscrews to reveal 1/4 screw for mounting camera, spotting scope or binoculars.
  • 5 Year Warranty

At 730mm / 28 3/4 inches you can shoot off this bipod whilst seated on the ground. Extend the legs a bit further and you can wait in ambush whilst seated on a stool. As the ground drops away below you as it does on steep faces, simply extend the legs further, even to its full extension of 1590cm (62 5/8 inches) if you wish to shoot whilst standing up.

Neil Hair has been using this model for 5 years and found it to be perfect. In fact he used it to support his rifle when taking the successful 302 yard shot on Mr Big. See the accompanying photo and read the highly educational account of his hunt for “Mr Big” in Issue 12 of Secrets of the Sambar magazine.

The only disadvantage of the Vanguard PRO B62 is that you cannot shoot prone as the minimum height is 680mm / 27 inches.

But its huge advantage is that you can adjust the shooting height to what is required. For example, you can sit on the ground or sit on a folding stool whilst waiting in ambush quite comfortably for several hours without your legs and buttocks cramping and the need to fidget – the slightest movement often betray a sambar hunters presence.

I have tried other brands but they are too long, too heavy or both, or are noisy to set up due to having a spring-loaded extension system. You need a bipod that is fast and silent to set up. The Vanguard Pro B62 ticks all the boxes

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