COMBO PACK Hunting Whistle &
Spudz Cleaning Cloth

2 great Hunting Tools in a Combo Pack

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Fox 40 CMG Sonik Blast Safety Whistle

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I use the Fox 40 CMG Sonik Blast Whistle:

  • when I have spotted a deer but further glassing doesn’t reveal others. Once whilst guiding I made one sambar become five by blowing loudly on this whistle. Because sambar didn’t evolve being killed and eaten by whistles, the deer were so confused by this unusual sound that they stood and stared in our direction for several minutes.
  • after glassing without spotting a deer but I know they are there somewhere;
  • to stop a moving deer in its tracks to enable precise shot placement;
  • when foliage is covering a bedded deer’s vitals and I want it to stand and expose them;
  • should I become injured the Fox 40 can be heard up to 800m away. Imagine you have broken a leg or ribs in a fall. You have activated your Epirb but in thick bush the signal will only get rescuers so close to your position. But one blast from a Fox 40 CMG Sonik Blast Safety Whistle can be heard by rescuers up to 800m away whilst yelling may be heard from just 200m to 300m.

Colour: Blaze Orange - includes Blaze lanyard.

Crooked Horn Outfitters Spudz Ultimate Lens Cleaning Cloth

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QD hook clips onto your bino strap or harness so it’s right where you need it every time. There’s no point having top quality binoculars and scopes which are dirty, smudged, wet or have fogged over lenses.

And never clean them with abrasive materials such as tissues or your shirt as abrasion can severely degrade those expensive lens coatings.

That’s why Crooked Horn Outfitters developed the Spudz Ultimate lens cleaning cloth. This micro-fibre lens quality cloth is stored in its own weatherproof stuff sack which clips onto your bino strap or harness - so it’s right where you need it every time.

Suitable for binoculars, scopes, range finders, glasses and cameras.

Embossed with Errol Mason’s Secrets of the Sambar® Hunt Smart® logo featuring a mature sambar stag following 2 hinds;

Proudly Made in the USA. Fully Guaranteed.

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