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Errol Mason's Secrets of the Sambar, Hunt Smart

Errol Mason's - Secrets of the Sambar®

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Sambar are large, elusive, cunning deer, revered for their ability to elude hunters.

Arguably sambar are a greater prize than Africa's most desirable and most difficult-to-hunt trophies such as Bongo, Derby Eland and Mountain Nyala. As when hunting these African antelope, success on sambar is dependent upon possessing an intimate understanding of the ways of these wily beasts.

After first hunting sambar in 1978, Errol instantly became addicted and in 1990 decided to dedicate the rest of his life to learning everything possible about this intriguing species.

Over the past 12 years Errol has guided many hunters to the Trophy of a Lifetime. He has also written the definitive trilogy on sambar - Secrets of the Sambar - Biology, Ecology, Behaviour and Hunting Strategies. All 3 books in the series were designed by Errol's wife Lynne, who is a graphic designer. As well as self-publishing this sambar trilogy - Errol & Lynne also self-publish their extremely popular magazine - Secrets of the Sambar and Other Cervidae. This magazine is available by subscribing and from selected newsagents and gun shops.

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Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are available individually or as a complete set. All copies are signed by the author.

Through his books, his highly regarded Hunt Smart© Training Course, and now his NEW magazine - Errol is now offering to pass on knowledge which is certain to FAST-TRACK you to the 'Trophy of a Lifetime'.

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Secrets of the Sambar Volume 1
has been Revised, Updated and Reprinted!
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Errol Mason - Australia's Sambar Deer Specialist. PO Box 727 Bairnsdale, Vic. Australia 3875 Tel: 03 5156 8278