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Errol Mason and his wife Lynne operate Shikari Press, a family owned business committed to studying and photographing sambar deer in Victoria's High Country, then publishing the results in full colour, best quality books. They also run training courses for sambar hunters.

Between 2000 and 2005 Errol guided many clients to the trophy of a lifetime and along the way gained a deep insight into the sambar’s mysterious ways.

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Through his books, his highly regarded Hunt Smart© Training Course, and now his NEW magazine - Errol is now offering to pass on knowledge which is certain to FAST-TRACK you to the 'Trophy of a Lifetime'.

Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are available individually or as a complete set. All copies are signed by the author.

Errol's latest book, ‘The Hunt Smart System ®’ was released in January 2019. The book is the culmination of almost forty years studying Sambar and is presented in chronological order just as Errol teaches on his highly successful Hunt Smart® course. The positive attitudes to this book have been greatly influenced by the outstanding "Peer Reviews" from highly experienced Sambar hunters which are posted on the book product page - View 'The Hunt Smart System' ®

Your Hosts

Errol Mason

Lynne Mason

Possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated during 40 years of hunting and studying sambar, Errol Mason truly is a Sambar Deer Specialist who possesses a deep insight into the mysterious ways of this intriguing species.

Lynne Mason

Lynne Mason

Errol’s wife Lynne designed and edited Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and The Hunt Smart System ® in her usual masterly style.