Secrets of the Sambar Trilogy Success Stories

Volume 1, 2 and 3

Send us your Success Story telling us in a few paragraphs how our books helped you harvest a trophy sambar stag together with photos and we will send you a complimentary Indian Sambar Limited Edition Print.

Christopher Pegg

Sots trilogy
Success Story #30

Hi Errol, Just wanted to give some feedback on your books. I have just taken up Sambar hunting at the silly age of 59 yrs. I found a spot not far away and as my son and I bumbled around we found a wallow and rubs and his sharp eyes saw a calf ghosting away. I became fascinated - I bought all 3 of your books in one hit at Collins Books in Sale two weeks ago and have just got through the first. Ah! That’s how they live - although they break rules when it suits.   Yesterday was the day after some very cold weather and rain overnight. I saw the old bugg… ...

Regards, Christopher Pegg

Shane Robinson - Sots trilogy Success Story #29

Shane Robinson - Sambar Deer Success Story
I have all 3 of Errol’s books and used strategies from them to harvest this beauty and other big sambar stags.

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Shane Robinson, Albury Vic

Joe Mangan - Sots trilogy Success Story #28

Joe Mangan - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, My name is Joe Mangan. You kindly signed Secrets of the Sambar volumes 1, 2 and 3 for my 30th birthday last December. My sister Anna, really treated me that year and I have enjoyed reading them since!

Last November was my first trip into the Alpine National Park where we did a week’s hunting. Being our first trip, we didn’t expect to see much, just hoped to build some knowledge of what these new deer had to offer. We ended up seeing numerous deer and both shot a stag each which was both unexpected and very rewarding. I have attached a few photos of our deer. I am heading back this coming November we are planning to spend 7 days backpack hunting around the Howitt Plains. I have been studying your chapter ‘Hunting the Sub alpine’ in SOTS Vol 2 in preparation for our hunt. Can’t wait! Thank you again for taking the time to write in my books. I will no doubt continue to enjoy them for many years to come. Kind Regards, Read Full Story >>

Joe Mangan, Hobart Tasmania

Tony Quinnell - Sots trilogy Success Story #27

Tony Quinnell - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, Just thought I'd send you this photo. After 6 months of effort, help from friends, reading your books and magazines and spending time in the bush I finally harvested this Sambar Stag on Saturday. He's not perfect but I'm very happy with him as my first.

He Measured: 31 inch spread 26 R/h 25 L/h Brow tines fairly even at 10 inches Rifle was a Browning A bolt .300WSM. Projectile 180gn Woodleigh PP. Double shoulder/spine shot which dropped him on the spot.  The shot placement I read so many times in your articles and books worked perfectly!!!  Unfortunately technology failed me on the day so I don’t have a photo of the stag. However I would like to tell you that I learned from your magazines and books. Firstly I located the gully over 6 months ago where I eventually harvested the stag. While monitoring the area but not seeing him, I took notice of changes in signposts in the area like rub trees, game trails, grasses that had been eaten and wild cherry trees that had be stripped of lower branches and foliage. I also discovered two wallows, one that both the stag and hinds were using and one only the stag used. As I discovered m… Read Full Story >>

Tony Quinnell

Brendan Hewitt - Sots trilogy Success Story #26

Brendan Hewitt - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, Thanks again for SOTS Trilogy. I’ve only read the first volume but the information paid off on the weekend when I took my first Sambar Stag.

It’s such a good feeling now to be able to see sambar that are unaware of my presence as on my four previous hunts they were onto me or I couldn’t find them – just plenty of sign. PS. Read Brendan’s story “The Power of Knowledge” in Issue 14 of SOTS magazine. Cheers, Read Full Story >>

Brendan Hewitt, Crookwell NSW

John Luke Shelley - Sots trilogy Success Story #25

 John Luke Shelley - Sambar Deer Success Story
After reading these books at least three times it was now time to focus on taking a mature 30 + inch stag

Shortly after purchasing “Secrets of the Sambar” Volumes 1, 2 & 3, I took my first ever Sambar Stag - a 22 incher. After reading these books at least three times it was now time to focus on taking a mature 30 + inch stag. And it wasn’t long before I did… He measured 31.5 x 32.5 x 25 inches. Many thanks to Errol for helping me put all the pieces together. Read Full Story >>

John Luke Shelley, Geelong VIC

Emmanuel Daood - Sots trilogy Success Story #24

Emmanuel Daood - Sambar Deer Success Story
Morning Errol, I’m stoked and still pinching myself and I'm even more stoked now that I'll be one of those success stories in your magazine...

Who would have thought two years ago when I obtained my hunting licence and started reading your magazines and books and then attended your Hunt Smart course that you would be asking me if I would like my success story included in your magazine. It’s an honour. Thank you mate. It proves that hard work and knowledge does pay off. Read Full Story >>

Emmanuel Daood, Broadmeadows VIC

Richard Smout - Sots trilogy Success Story #23

Richard Smout - Sambar Deer Success Story
G'day Errol, Thank you for sending volumes 2 & 3 so quickly. Short story. I had my first hunt for sambar 22 years ago. I had no idea...

Being married with 2 good kids, I would only get out about 4 times a year. I got some hinds, 16", 19" and a 22" in that order, but there were a lot of hunts without seeing a deer. I got your volume 1 about March, finished it over 4 weeks, on the next hunt in May, I shot this bloke in the neck from 20 metres with my 338 Win Mag. I look forward to reading volume 2 and 3 and hopefully bettering it. Thanks again, Read Full Story >>

Richard Smout, Wodonga VIC

Rob Mauracher - Sots trilogy Success Story #22

Rob Mauracher - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, Thanks to your books I was able to watch this Magnificent Sambar Stag - with 30.5x31.5 antlers - asleep in his bed for 35 minutes from an unbelievable 40m away.

Although I am only 23, I have been hunting sambar for 10 years, or at least trying to hunt sambar for that time. When Errol wrote his Secrets of the Sambar books my hunting world changed. For the first time I began to plan my hunts and think more deeply about successful hunts and unsuccessful hunts alike. Where did I go wrong? What worked well? How could I do better? I had to break my old habits like stomping through the bush, walking quickly, not even carrying binoculars and just going hunting with no planning at all. I had to teach myself where to look for these magnificent animals and how to look for them. Since adopting the Mason hunting principles my hunting has improved beyond comprehension. With those skills I was able to anticipate where a 30+ inch mature sambar stag was likely to be on a cold morning and approach him without him even waking whilst I stood only 40m away watching … Read Full Story >>

Rob Mauracher, Mornington VIC

Rodney Jones - Sots trilogy Success Story #21

Rodney Jones - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, Thanks to your books and magazine I was able to take this stag asleep in his bed. He didn't move an inch.

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Rodney Jones, Euroa Vic

Simon Bolding - Sots trilogy Success Story #20

Hello Errol, Please find enclosed a cheque for your second volume of Secrets of the Sambar. I enjoyed the first book very much and wouldn't waste my time hunting sambar without reading it. To tell the truth I scored my first deer at Licola only the following Saturday after purchasing your book from Traralgon newsagents.

I was only up to page 72 but without the knowledge I had learnt from you only just into the book at the time I wouldn’t have scored my stag. Thanks for all the knowledge you have passed onto me. I keep telling the boys to get your book - they are missing out on so much about the secrets of sambar. Thanks, Read Full Story >>

Simon Bolding, Wonthaggi, Victoria

David Davies - Sots trilogy Success Story #19

David Davies - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, This Stag was taken a few years ago after reading your Secrets of the Sambar Trilogy.

Not a monster but not bad for an old bloke. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and a huge thank you to Lynne for her outstanding meals and support. Read Full Story >>

David Davies, Bredbo, New South Wales

Steph Katta - Sots trilogy Success Story #18

Steph Katta - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol & Lynne, A couple of months ago I purchased Secrets of the Sambar Vol 1 and I have to say my husband has never ever read a book in his life, but every night since receiving your amazing book he reads it. What makes this the best thing and money I've ever spent on Dave is that # 1 he's reading, & # 2 he just got his 1st Sambar. He said it was because of your book. So thank you.

I have just purchased Vol. 2 for him for Father’s Day and I was wondering if you would please write a personal message and sign it. He would love it. Thanks again & our daughter Grace & I can’t wait to give it to him on Father’s Day - Best DAD Ever Read Full Story >>

Kindest regards,

Steph Katta, Pakenham, Victoria

Matt Liddell - Sots trilogy Success Story #17

Matt Liddell - Sambar Deer Success Story
Find attached a photo of a 26inch stag I got this weekend with Jake my 22 month old GSP.

Hi Errol, Thanks for your speedy reply regarding grid reference. Find attached a photo of a 26inch stag I got this weekend with Jake my 22 month old GSP. I could not have done this without the great info from your magazines and 3 books. Cheers Errol Read Full Story >>

Matt Liddell, Topend Homes, Moe, Victoria

John-Luke Shelley - Sots trilogy Success Story #16

Hi Errol, All I have is thank you, thank you, thank you. I purchased Volume 1 of Secrets of the Sambar and since reading it around 5 times over I headed up to the High Country. On the first morning I was able to observe a 18 inch stag, hind & her fawn as they feed on a cold wet morning. I spooked the hind and it was amazing how long I had to stay in the same position before she let her guard down. I suspect it was around six to eight minutes.

That afternoon I headed to a dry north facing slope when I found myself in a "zone of silence" and put up 3 hinds that I had stalked within 15m of while glassing. The following morning I stalked down a wet face and glassed a dry face in the hope that I would spot a 30+ inch stag I knew was in the area. It was a very cold night and even colder morning and I knew from my own knowledge, and of course from you, that the deer would be heading for seamy open canopy for the first rays of sun and like clock I spotted a 30+ inch stag in velvet. It was the one I have been after for a year now. I decided straight away not to take him so I watched him feed his way up higher to the sun and disappear. What an amazing experience it truly was. The funny thing is that when I turned around to quietly sneak back out the way I came I spooked a 25 inch stag in hard antler from directly above me. My… Read Full Story >>

John-Luke Shelley

Adam Riddle - Sots trilogy Success Story #15

Adam Riddle - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, I am proud of this stag which I took after employing some very useful tips from both Terry McDonald and your books. Using this knowledge I now plan my hunts instead of walking around the bush hoping to trip over a deer.

My Vixen Artes 8.5 x 45 binoculars and your Secrets of the Sambar books were contributing factors in me shooting this stag. That is the truth and I promote them both when speaking to other hunters. The stag was 185 metres across a gully in thick fire regrowth when I spotted him with the Vixens. It was 8 in the morning and slightly overcast. These 8.5 x 45 Vixen Artes binoculars are as good as any I’ve ever looked through. I also had a pair of Carl Zeiss 15 power in my daypack that morning for glassing at longer range but I spotted him closer than expected with the Vixens. Read Full Story >>

Adam Riddle, Victoria

Adam Bandy - Sots trilogy Success Story #14

Adam Bandy - Sambar Deer Success Story
Photo of two pigs and a fox I found in a "Zone of Silence" that had good feed that was filling one of the "Hierarchy of Needs" for the pigs when a cold southerly was blowing.

Hi Errol, Yesterday I took two of my sons for a hunt in the State Forest up here. Using what I have read in your Secrets of the Sambar books we found 5 Fallow deer in under 20 mins!!! After reading your first two books I have seen more hogs and deer in four months than I have seen in years of hunting! I think the information in your books also apply to other animals. When hunting pigs in the high country of NSW I have used there "Hierarchy needs" and "Zones of Silence" to my advantage. The chapter on "Sign Posting" can also be used when trying to locate the home range of large boars. I have also used parts of the chapter "Hunting by Scent" in Vol. 2 to help trap Foxes that come after our chooks. Can’t wait for the reprint of Volume 1 so I have my own copy on the shelf. Thanks Read Full Story >>

Adam Bandy, Forster New South Wales

David Clarke - Sots trilogy Success Story #13

David Clarke - Sambar Deer Success Story
David (left) and son Haidyn with the 29 inch stag taken in Victoria during August 2011

Errol, Short note of thanks. I purchased your book Secrets of the Sambar Volume 1 about two months ago. I had my first trip to Victoria sambar hunting two weeks ago and with the help of your book.I harvested this 29 inch sambar stag on my fourth day. So thank you for the information that made my trip a success. Regards, Read Full Story >>

David Clarke