Accompany Errol in the bush as he teaches participants on his 3 Day Sambar Hunt Smart System Training Course - Sambar Deer Success Story

Accompany Errol in the bush as he teaches participants on his 3 Day Sambar Hunt Smart System Training Course

October 22nd, 2022

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My Hunt Smart ® Course is back for 2023

With a new format and syllabus

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After reading the Secrets of the Sambar trilogy and The Hunt Smart System books, and it all going in one ear and out the other, I decided to book into the course as I know there is no better way to learn than to be shown in the bush.

So last weekend on 4-6 June I attended Errol’s first course for 2021. After everyone arrived we got straight into it looking over the best optics for finding these deer. Then we examined actual tracks and using the 4 hooves from a 12 year old stag, Errol explained the difference in size and shape between stag and hind tracks, how to identify the front track from the rear, how to tell the left from the right and how to tell the tracks of a young sambar from a mature one... Read the rest of this Hunt Smart course review here

"I learnt more in 3 days with Errol, than in the 15 years I have been hunting them."
Cameron Tull, North East Vic

Errol in foreground with June 2021 participants learning why mini hubs are gold, how, when and why the deer use them, and how to hunt them.

Participant's on the first course for 2021 from left to right: Andrew Coulton, Nick Levanat, Cameron Tull, Joey Coulton, Chris Pegg, Zeljko Torbarina and Ante Pavkovic.

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Errol Mason's - Secrets of the Sambar®

Sambar are large, elusive, cunning deer, revered for their ability to elude hunters.

Over the past 18 years Errol has guided many hunters to the Trophy of a Lifetime. He has also written the definitive trilogy on sambar - Secrets of the Sambar - Biology, Ecology, Behaviour and Hunting Strategies. As well as their sambar trilogy - Errol, and his wife Lynne, also publish their extremely popular magazine - Secrets of the Sambar and Other Cervidae.

Through his books, highly regarded Hunt Smart® Training Course, and magazine - Errol is now offering to pass on knowledge which is an investment in a lifetime of more enjoyable and successful hunting.

Hunt Smart® Training Course

Our renowned Hunt Smart Training Course is an investment in a lifetime of more enjoyable and successful hunting.

The principles of The Hunt Smart System ® are based upon 40 years research into the biology, ecology and behaviour of sambar. Using this knowledge I have devised the most effective tactics for hunting this elusive Big Brown Deer.

Thank you for your help and the knowledge I gained from your course... I had a very successful season... and the extra knowledge really made my hunting more enjoyable - Luke Myers, Bacchus Marsh VIC

It's now 3 years on since I did the Errol Mason "Hunt Smart Training Course" and my approach to hunting will never be the same - Andrew Rosser

I firmly believe my success... is largely attributable to Errol's course and my employment of his 'Hunt Smart' system - Brett Cooke

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SOTS Magazine Issue 17

Issue 17

Issue 17 - Subscribers copies will be posted on Friday 20th July 2017, 14 Days before it goes on sale in Newsagents and Gun Shops on Thursday 3rd August 2017.

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Secrets of the Sambar Trilogy

After 18 years of endless study including 6 years guiding hunters to the trophy of a lifetime, Errol Mason has written 3 complete volumes covering the biology, ecology, behaviour and strategies for hunting Sambar, arguably the worlds most elusive deer.

Each volume is packed with facts and tips and each includes 150 colour plates of stunning photos taken by the author and other hunters. These splendid books are hard cover with dust jacket and are full colour throughout the 256 pages. Each chapter features numerous easy-to-reference sub-headings, plus a comprehensive index. Outstanding graphite drawings by local wildlife artist Milosh Kraguljac, compliment this three volume set.

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August 4-6 8 Positions Available
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