The Hunt Smart® System BOOK Success Stories

This book is the culmination of almost forty years studying Sambar.

Our new book ‘The Hunt Smart System’ is presented in chronological order just as I teach it on my highly successful Hunt Smart® course. In fact I designed this book to replace our Hunt Smart course when I was no longer conducting it. ‘The Hunt Smart System’ is a complete A-Z reference which shows you how to find sambar at any time of the day, in any weather, at any temperature, in any level of hunting pressure, at any elevation, no matter where they are - on the farm fringe at 200 metre elevation, in the back country at 450 metres or in the subalpine between 1500 to 1650 metres.

Jason Cottam

Hunt smart system book
Success Story #2

After taking up Sambar hunting a few years ago I’ve seen many but never been able to successfully harvest one, even though I have come close many times. Hence the recent purchase of your book - The Hunt Smart System. Last Sunday when I returned from yet another unsuccessful hunt your book had arrived, so I grabbed a beer and started reading. Each night I’ve been carefully digesting it and reflecting on the many hunts I’ve had these past years. After reading the first 145 pages I applied what I had learnt… ...

Chris Bordin - Hunt smart system book Success Story #1

I've just finished reading The Hunt Smart System by Errol Mason. 400+ pages and it pretty much tells you where and when you will find deer.

I put what I learnt to the test today. Got within 60m of a sitting deer (sambar) until 2 wallabies sent it running. Well worth the read and highly recommend it. Read Full Story >>

Chris Bordin, Wallan