Oleg Kozlov - HUNT SMART SYSTEM BOOK Success Story #3

I just want to say a huge thank you for your amazing book "HSS" and a hard work on it. I bought it, read it carefully, planned a hunt and saw the deer during the first hunt in my life (07 Mar 21) and harvested a Sambar hind during a second hunt in state forest (dd. 02 Apr 21)...

I also found a wallow because I applied a knowledge of Sambars (which I got from your book). My friends hunters were impressed…

I made a lot of mistakes before getting license. Assumed that pushed through a bush, walking them up strategy and changing places would help me to find Sambars (did that during scouting in bush while waited for license and PTA). Then I got your book and mindset was changed.

Oleg Kozlov

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Errol Mason