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Errol Mason's Hunt Smart ® Training Course Reviews

Review from Ante, Nick and Zeljko - ACT

Hi my name is Ante, my friend's Zeljko and Nick and I have been hunting Sambar deer for the last couple of years. As you may know, Sambar hunting is tuff. Finding them without spooking them is challenging to say the least. Sambar are the hardest deer species to hunt. After watching YouTube and reading books on how to hunt them we came across the books Secrets of the Sambar volume 1, 2 and 3 written by Errol Mason. This book was the Mecca, opening key taking us to the next level on how to hunt these illusive deer.

We found out Errol Mason, the Sambar Deer Specialist, runs a three day "hunt smart" Sambar Deer Hunter Training Course. Boy were we excited and you can bet we all signed up.

When we arrived at the campsite we met Errol and his wife Lynne. They were very friendly, professional, flexible and they kept us informed about what is outlined for the next 3 days. 

We met the other hunters on the course and then set up camp. The camping experience is summed up by "I love it"; it's the best being outdoors under the stars around a campfire with good company. We sat around the campfire with the other hunters and Errol talking and enjoying each others hunting experiences, especially Errol's stories about him guiding hunters and his teaching methods, which were unbelievable, a real eye opener. We knew straight away we were going to learn and gain so much knowledge out of this course. 

The first arvo we went out we ran into tracks and deer sign and the learning started straight away as Errol pointed out which print was a hind and which print was the stag. As we were tracking the deer to a feeding ground we tracked them to a gully. We were glassing for about an hour but nothing was sighted.

At this point Errol noticed that there was not anywhere near as much feed in this gully as there usually is and he said, "If the deer aren’t where you expect them to be there will be a logical explanation. You must work out what that reason is and adapt and overcome" and that's exactly what we did.

Errol said, “Due to not much feed they won't be here, they will be in the next gully system." The next morning we trekked into the next gully where Errol said they would be.

We glassed for 20 minutes and sure enough that's where they were. Along came three hinds and a fawn walking up to exactly where Errol said they would be.

It was truly awesome - we couldn't believe our eyes. Errol had put us on undisturbed Sambar and we were able to watch them for about one hour. Then Errol talked us all through taking a simulated shot. The wind was hunting everywhere and eventually they spooked and began to quickly move away, most likely because they had caught our scent. But with a secret move Errol made them come to a standstill broadside to us and we were able to simulate taking a well-aimed shot from 300 yards. This was amazing.

There were a lot of other parts to the course that were awesome. We also learnt about what deer love to eat in winter, calibres and scopes. Great tips to come home with in getting my gear sorted.  

I recommend this course for beginner or experience hunters who want to learn more about sambar. Errol Mason is really the Sambar King - Thanks for a great experience.

Ante, Nick and Zeljko - ACT

Holding his smart phone against the eyepiece of the Vixen Geoma 11 ED 67mm 20 power spotting scope, Zeljko captured these images of the unalarmed sambar.

Left to right: Nick, Zeljko Errol and Ante.

Review from Chris Pegg

Hi Errol/Lynne   I just got back from doing the course with Errol which was the first time the course had been run where participants camped on site. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved the camping aspect with many light hearted discussions around the campfire with like-minded people being a highlight. 

I am relatively new to sambar hunting and deer hunting in general having only taken it up in the past 4 years. During that time however I have learnt that “walking them up”, whilst there is no doubt this can be enjoyable and sometimes successful, it is a very low percentage game. I shudder to think how many animals I have spooked without even knowing it or how many days I have wasted in areas where the deer aren’t and are just not ever going to be.  

With Errol’s course a common sense approach is used to apply the overlays of the various needs of the deer in order to predict where they will most likely be. And by applying these overlays Errol pinpointed where the deer would be on Sunday morning and we were able to watch four unalarmed sambar for about an hour.

And it is not just about finding where they are – Errol gave us all insight into how best to hunt them without chasing them out of the area. I have already started to apply the thinking on these overlays to where I hunt and I am confident it will give me a sound basis to hunt effectively in future. I highly recommend the course.

Chris Pegg

Review from Andrew Coulton

Hi Errol,

After reading Secrets of the Sambar 1,2,3 and The Hunt Smart System, followed up by the Hunt Smart course, we would like to thank you Errol for the hands on education we needed to put the Hunt Smart System in place. Now we are both more confident in catching sambar undisturbed in their natural environment.

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it.

Many thanks.

Andrew and Joey Coulton - Tumut, NSW

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