Jason Cottam - HUNT SMART SYSTEM BOOK Success Story #2

After taking up Sambar hunting a few years ago I’ve seen many but never been able to successfully harvest one, even though I have come close many times. Hence the recent purchase of your book - The Hunt Smart System ®.

Last Sunday when I returned from yet another unsuccessful hunt your book had arrived, so I grabbed a beer and started reading. Each night I’ve been carefully digesting it and reflecting on the many hunts I’ve had these past years. After reading the first 145 pages I applied what I had learnt to a hunt planned for yesterday. I mapped out the wagon wheel, and identified where the deer would most likely be at first light, and where I should be.

I’m guessing by now you know what the outcome of yesterday’s hunt was.

A huge thank you Errol. Oh how my tale of woe has changed in a week. 

Jason Cottam, Mitcham VIC

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Errol Mason