Brent Bovell - HUNT SMART SYSTEM BOOK Success Story #5

Hi Errol, my name is Brent Bovell. My wife Eleanor purchased your entire collection of books for me over Christmas just gone after I was hospitalized after a work accident, I have read them and they have taught me more about deer hunting, than anything I have watched or read before. I didn't think I would be able to hunt for sambar again after I did my back, but thankfully I have been out hunting then since and trying to incorporate as much knowledge I can that you have given me in your books.

I have seen more deer in my last 2 trips than in the past decade and I harvested a nice mature hind only days ago, whilst I was hunting in a "zone of silence" as you would say. Thank you very much. I will be trying to book into one of your courses as soon as I can to get even more knowledge from you as I learn better with visual learning. I have attached some pictures in this email, I hope you have the time in your busy schedule to see them.

Thanks very much Errol I hope to meet you soon 👍🦌

Kind regards,

Brent Bovell

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Errol Mason