Richard Smout - SOTS TRILOGY Success Story #23

G'day Errol, Thank you for sending volumes 2 & 3 so quickly. Short story. I had my first hunt for sambar 22 years ago. I had no idea...

Being married with 2 good kids, I would only get out about 4 times a year. I got some hinds, 16", 19" and a 22" in that order, but there were a lot of hunts without seeing a deer. I got your volume 1 about March, finished it over 4 weeks, on the next hunt in May, I shot this bloke in the neck from 20 metres with my 338 Win Mag. I look forward to reading volume 2 and 3 and hopefully bettering it.

Thanks again,

Richard Smout, Wodonga VIC

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Errol Mason