Adam Riddle - SOTS TRILOGY Success Story #15

Hi Errol, I am proud of this stag which I took after employing some very useful tips from both Terry McDonald and your books. Using this knowledge I now plan my hunts instead of walking around the bush hoping to trip over a deer.

My Vixen Artes 8.5 x 45 binoculars and your Secrets of the Sambar books were contributing factors in me shooting this stag. That is the truth and I promote them both when speaking to other hunters. The stag was 185 metres across a gully in thick fire regrowth when I spotted him with the Vixens. It was 8 in the morning and slightly overcast. These 8.5 x 45 Vixen Artes binoculars are as good as any I’ve ever looked through. I also had a pair of Carl Zeiss 15 power in my daypack that morning for glassing at longer range but I spotted him closer than expected with the Vixens.

Adam Riddle, Victoria

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Errol Mason