Rob Mauracher - SOTS TRILOGY Success Story #22

Hi Errol, Thanks to your books I was able to watch this Magnificent Sambar Stag - with 30.5x31.5 antlers - asleep in his bed for 35 minutes from an unbelievable 40m away.

Although I am only 23, I have been hunting sambar for 10 years, or at least trying to hunt sambar for that time. When Errol wrote his Secrets of the Sambar books my hunting world changed. For the first time I began to plan my hunts and think more deeply about successful hunts and unsuccessful hunts alike. Where did I go wrong? What worked well? How could I do better?

I had to break my old habits like stomping through the bush, walking quickly, not even carrying binoculars and just going hunting with no planning at all. I had to teach myself where to look for these magnificent animals and how to look for them.

Since adopting the Mason hunting principles my hunting has improved beyond comprehension. With those skills I was able to anticipate where a 30+ inch mature sambar stag was likely to be on a cold morning and approach him without him even waking whilst I stood only 40m away watching him sleep in the sun.

Thank you Errol for all your knowledge and hard work. I have only one complaint. Why couldn’t you have written these books sooner!!!

Kind Regards

Rob Mauracher, Mornington VIC

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Errol Mason