Secrets of the Sambar Trilogy Success Stories

Volume 1, 2 and 3

Send us your Success Story telling us in a few paragraphs how our books helped you harvest a trophy sambar stag together with photos and we will send you a complimentary Indian Sambar Limited Edition Print.

Brett Massingham

Sots trilogy
Success Story #12

After years of fumbling around in the bush chasing the elusive sambar deer with limited success; my wife brought me Errol Mason's – Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1 & 2 and eventually Volume 3. Upon reading these books my success rate jumped ten fold, resulting in my son and I harvesting 7 Sambar stags in the first winter. I take my hat off to Errol Mason for making these books so easy to read and understand. There is no greater satisfaction than stalking and taking a trophy with your son.… ...

Brett Massingham, Yea Victoria

Andrew Rosser - Sots trilogy Success Story #11

Andrew Rosser - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, I’d like to thank you for sharing you knowledge. What I learnt from reading ‘Secrets of the Sambar’ Volume 1 & 2 helped me understand sambar and how to hunt more efficiently. I always considered myself an opportunist hunter, my theory was “if I spend enough time in the bush I’d eventually run into one”. This is not always the case as we all know. After reading your books I saw I was doing so much that was wrong.

I had my recent annual trip up to sambar country from Tassie. Hunting was hard due to bushfire regrowth but I found a great looking wallow on the 3rd day, I could see from 30-40m off that it was well used with mud up the trunks of all the near by trees and there was a freshly used preaching tree with fresh scrapes. Remembering what you said in the book about not scenting the area I backed out slowly and sat off it from about 110m. Just before dark I heard on three occasions a deer stamping its foot it the bush but I didn’t see anything. I had my leafy suit on with face mask and gloves but was only lying behind a fallen tree branch. The next day we went back in the middle of the day to make a better hide. Then an hour before dark I returned to the hide and sure enough about 10mins before dark a nice 23 inch stag walked out of the bush 70m away and I harvested him. Thanks again for shari… Read Full Story >>

Andrew Rosser, Tasmania

Brian Church - Sots trilogy Success Story #10

Brian Church - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hello Errol, Just want to tell you about my Anzac Day Stag. This story started grand final Saturday last year as this is when I discovered him. This proved to be the first of three sightings before it was 'third time lucky' this Anzac Day.

> A fine even 28inch stag taken by Brian Church employing knowledge gleaned from Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1 & 2 I am convinced he is the same stag as he was shot within 75 yards of previous sightings. I walked up the gully to glass for my friend. My binos were soaked when I reached my first glassing spot so I looked around for a bit hoping they would dry out after a shake. They did in time, but I saw nothing at first. But when I moved to the other side of the tree I saw bushes moving across the gully. I picked up my binos and could see his tips moving around. I picked up my rifle, zoomed to 7 power and found him in my sight then he turned and looked dead at me. I fired. I knew the shot was good as I had used the tree as a rest. Yes - I had learnt from my mistakes. He reacted to the shot by running straight down through the creek and up the other side. I felt he was charging m… Read Full Story >>

Brian Church, Thurgoona, NSW

Paul Giltrap - Sots trilogy Success Story #9

Paul Giltrap - Sambar Deer Success Story
Knowledge gleaned from Secrets of the Sambar Volume 1 helped Paul Giltrap take this fine 30 x 30 x 31 sambar stag with 16inch brow tines.

I have spent a lot of time hunting sambar and have a taken a few stags so when I read Secrets of the Sambar Volume 1 I instantly knew the information was extremely accurate. In fact I would say it is the most accurate information about sambar I have ever read. This belief enabled me to confidently apply the enormous amount of knowledge I got from volume 1 and this fine stag - easily my biggest yet – is the result. Read Full Story >>

Paul Giltrap, Wodonga VIC

Nick Ferraro - Sots trilogy Success Story #8

Nick Ferraro - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, It is quite difficult to determine the exact pieces of information contained in your books that assisted me in taking my stag. Whilst reading both Volumes, I took thorough notes and revised them so whilst hunting I had a lot of different pieces of information constantly being recalled as I interpreted all that was going on around me and adopted your 'Hunt Smart' System. I think nearly half of the info contained in your books came to mind on the hunt when I took this stag.

Some specific points I recall were: To find the area that I would hunt I found (VOL1 P124 Planning a Hunt) very helpful. I used (VOL2 P210 Tactics for Wallows) to get an idea of where wallows would be in this particular home range. When I started seeing a lot of mature stag sign I recalled (VOL1 P150 Tracking). To understand how scent works (VOL2 P160 Hunting by Scent). When I placed my shot I used (VOL1 P172 Aiming points); and To recover the deer tracking information and (VOL1 P184 After the Shot) came to mind. I do have a bit of prior hunting experience from hunting Red Deer in Queensland but your specific knowledge of Sambar such as their routines, habitat and sensory system is what helped me the most. Yours sincerely Read Full Story >>

Nick Ferraro, Altona Meadows, Victoria

Bob Shepherd & Peter Russell - Sots trilogy Success Story #7

Bob Shepherd & Peter Russell - Sambar Deer Success Story
G’day Errol – well we did what you said and “did it!!” Peter and I have just returned from a 7 day hunt in the high country and secured a magnificent 28” x 28” stag. We had both read your books cover to cover and took them along to use as a reference after each days exploring.

We found a number of stag “play rooms” ¾ the way up a spur with preaching trees and rub trees in prolific amounts. The stags were obviously patrolling their areas ¾ of the way up the ridge, contouring the spurs. This is where Peter shot this beauty just at about 5.50pm – about a half hour before dark. The stag was at 60m and walking briskly through thick timber. By the time Pete took a sight on a shoulder shot he was moving behind a wall of trees and he stepped into a lung shot with the 330 Dakota and a 225gn Woodleigh PP. Unfortunately the bullet hit a bit too far back and the stag bolted at the shot. Despite a thorough search Pete could not find him so we both returned the next day and spent half the day looking for him. By 2.30 we had given up and were walking out when I spotted a pair of deep hoof gouges 20m from where Pete believed he had hit him. Suddenly I was then on fi… Read Full Story >>

Bob Shepherd & Peter Russell, Dubbo NSW

John Bruce - Sots trilogy Success Story #6

John Bruce - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hello Errol, Just thought I would share my son’s first sambar success with you, as you helped the cause with Secrets of the Sambar Volume 1 which both Iain and Marty read before we left Tassie. Your name became a watch word for the trip – “where did Errol say the deer would be??” along with a little Aust Crawl!!

Iain, Marty and I spent a week camped in the Moroka valley. We glassed a good number of deer which was great experience for the boys, with Iain successful on the third day. We spotted the group of deer travelling off the wet face to bed in the sun about a km away. Iain was able to cross the valley and get on a bluff above the deer, and took the neck shot at 175m after about an hour waiting for a good opportunity. A very rewarding hunt, and a good start to another sambar hunting addiction! Trust all is well. Read Full Story >>


John Bruce, Stanley Tasmania

Paul Cavaleiri - Sots trilogy Success Story #5

Paul Cavaleiri - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hello Errol, I would like to congratulate you on the success of Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1 & 2.

These books have been without a doubt the best material I have ever read, furthering my knowledge of sambar and helping me to secure my first mature Sambar stag. I used your sit and wait tactics and along with quality optics - Leica 8 x 42 binos - I was able to observe the stag standing only 85 yards away partially obscured by thick bush. After being shot broadside with a 180gn Barnes Triple Shock the stag ran just 8 metres before collapsing. This all happened fifteen minutes after a hind fed to within 10 metres of me whilst making her way to her feeding grounds. I am now booked in to attend Errol’s Hunt Smart Training Course because Errol’s books have convinced me that the SMARTER You Hunt The Luckier You Get”! Thanks mate. Read Full Story >>

Paul Cavaleiri

Ben Donegan - Sots trilogy Success Story #4

Ben Donegan - Sambar Deer Success Story
Using knowledge and tactics gleaned from Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1 & 2, Ben Donegan of Oakleigh Vic. was able to plan his hunt so that this magnificent stag walked unalarmed right into his ambush. The result was a one shot instant kill plus an unforgettable experience burnt into Ben's memory forever.

Dear Errol, It was an unseasonably hot day for Oct - 28 deg on my GPS - so I selected a sit and wait spot in a particular gully based upon what I learnt from your books. Using this knowledge of the animal I was able to pick the route that he walked down in the evening. I was glassing this gully for 3 hours when I picked him up. One second nothing - the next he was there. I was blown away with just how silently and quickly he appeared! I watched for about 10 seconds as he walked closer then picked up my rifle from next to me and shot him where you recommended for the distance - through the central neck. He dropped and slid about a metre up against a dead burnt out tree. Distance stag shot from was 100 yards, paced out from shooting position. The result, a memory burnt into my head for the rest of my life. Thanks again for two great books – I sincerely believe that what I learnt from the… Read Full Story >>

Ben Donegan, Oakleigh Victoria

Chris Mills - Sots trilogy Success Story #3

Chris Mills - Sambar Deer Success Story
| Congratulations on 2 magnificent Secrets of the Sambar book's. After reading both volumes l can honestly say l’m a much smarter hunter now. I now see a lot more unalarmed deer which l can observe rather than crashing through the bush and just seeing their rear end.

All the information has helped me so much that l harvested these 2 stag’s late this year! l don’t think l would have seen them, let alone shot them if it wasn’t for your book’s. So Errol, thank’s again for passing on your knowledge to us hunter’s. Can’t wait for Vol 3! Read Full Story >>

Chris Mills, Wallan, Vic

Robert Brumby - Sots trilogy Success Story #2

Robert Brumby - Sambar Deer Success Story
Robert Brumby of Tasmania with a fine 27in stag he harvested using tactics explained in Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1 & 2 and articles published in Guns & Game magazine.

Dear Errol, What fantastic books you have written on the Secrets of the Sambar. They plus your articles in Guns & Game helped me take my best two sambar stags during the past 12 months. I have hunted sambar for at least fifteen years and I have found reading your books extremely beneficial. I can’t thank you enough. Read Full Story >>

Kindest regards,
Robert Brumby, Ulverstone Tasmania

Dale Wesley - Sots trilogy Success Story #1

Dale Wesley - Sambar Deer Success Story
Photos: Using knowledge and tactics explained in detail in Secrets of the Sambar Volumes 1 & 2 and Errol’s articles in Guns & Game, Dale Wesley, his father and friends have taken sambar stags on every trip to the mainland. These are some of the stags they have taken.

Dear Errol & Lynne, I would like to congratulate you on another well researched and well presented book. As an interstate hunter I like to ensure each trip across the straight is well planned in advance. I find your books to be an excellent reference and have used this information to identify possible feeder gullies, bedding areas and likely ‘zones of silence’. This information has allowed our team to pre-plan hunts according to weather and terrain and I believe it has greatly aided our many successes. I would recommend your books to any serious hunter who wants to increase their chances of securing a sambar trophy. Your books provide relevant information that could only be gained from a lifetime of hunting experience, which if compared to the cost of many hunting trips prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment. In fact I have already pre-paid and reserved my signed, numbere… Read Full Story >>

Dale Wesley, Ulverstone, Tasmania