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March 8th, 2017
vixen, riflescope

Vixen have Perfected the German #4 Reticle for Hunting Sambar in Low Light

An Illuminated Red Dot Enables Faster More Accurate Shot Placement

It is the responsibility of every hunter to place the shot in precisely the right spot as this - and only this – will ensure a one shot instant kill. But in dense forest where sambar are hunted often this is easier said than done. Because an Illuminated Red Dot is much easier to see than a black cross hair, it enables faster and more accurate shot placement.

Less than perfect eyesight can cause cross hairs to blur out making fast and accurate shot placement difficult, whilst a red dot provides a clear aiming point enabling a fast, accurate shot. And unlike a black cross hair, a red dot will not become lost in a jumble of branches, twigs and leaves.

That’s why Vixen included an illuminated red dot when they redesigned the German # 4 reticle. This reticle is superior when hunting medium to large game such as sambar and wild boar in low light.

Shown is the high shoulder blade/spine shot. See Secrets of the Sambar Vol. 3 for the Skeletal and Organ overlay for a Sambar Stag.