Jamie Ingram - VIXEN BINOCULAR REVIEWS Success Story #10

Jamie Ingram of Bonang with a stag spotted shortly before dark in thick cover with his Vixen Apex Pro 8x42 binoculars.

Hello Errol,

Just sending you a picture of a stag I harvested with the aid of my Vixen Apex Pro 8 x 42 binoculars. I was sitting on a ridge glassing semi open country when I spotted movement in a patch of tea tree 300m away. It was just before dark when I spotted it but I wasn’t sure what it was until the stag emerged from that thick patch of scrub into lighter cover. That’s when the Vixens defined him very clearly. I stalked to within about 100m and took the shot from my 300 Win Mag. Due to lack of light I wasn’t able to find him until the next morning. His antlers measured an even 26 inches.


Jamie Ingram

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Errol Mason