Mike Welch - VIXEN BINOCULAR REVIEWS Success Story #9

Just recently I bought a pair of Vixen Apex Pro 10 x 50 binoculars for my son Nick. I bought the excellent light weight aluminium tripod adapter for these binos and have used it to mount them on a mini tripod.

My son Nick and I have spent some time glassing sambar in low light with these binos. A few nights ago I was glassing with my Swarovski 8 x 50 whilst Nick was alongside me using his Vixen 10 x 50. We could both see a large sambar stag in very low light just before dark. I could see his antlers but I couldn’t see his tips, but Nick could count all his tips. I think this demonstrates how optically brilliant the Vixens really are.

Mike Welch, Albury

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