Roger Kurta - VIXEN BINOCULAR REVIEWS Success Story #7

Hi Errol, I just wanted to tell you how good Vixen binos are.

I shot my first red deer today. I looked through some very dark shaded forest for about 10 minutes but didn’t see anything.

Then I raised my Vixen 10 x 50’s and in about 30 seconds I saw 2 red deer about 100m away in the dark scrub. There was no way I could have seen them without Vixens. I also spotted fallow out to 1km away in the tree line. My Vixen 10 x 50 are definitely the best piece of hunting equipment I have purchased.

Ergonomically the Vixens are fantastic which enabled me to steady them with one hand as most of the time I carry my rifle in one hand and use my binos with the other. It rained heavily during the first two days of my hunt and I was totally saturated -including my binos - but they performed flawlessly. I highly recommend them to any one after high end optics, as they have amazing clarity and are rugged with out the high price tag.

Best Wishes

Roger Kurta, Canberra ACT

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Errol Mason