Clint Collings - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #45

Dear Errol and Lynne, Thanks again for your hospitality. It was a pleasure to meet you both and get to learn so much from Errol. I learned a lot from the course, especially after reading the Secrets of the Sambar trilogy, as the course really brings it all together.

The day after attending your 3 day hunt smart course I went back to my sambar spot where, over two days, I put into practice the low impact hunting methods. I was able to see 16 unalarmed sambar, 8 of which were stags and all within shooting range. I decided to pass up a nice 25 inch as he was not quite the size I was after.

Using what I learnt from the trilogy and the course on the 31st of August - less than 2 months after doing the course - I was fortunate enough to take this fine trophy. The Hunt Smart course is excellent and I recommend it to any sambar hunter of any level of experience. There is so much to learn about this magical deer.


Read Clint’s complete "text book" account as to how he harvested this magnificent stag in the next issue (#9) of our magazine. It’s a ripper story.

Clint Collings, Canberra

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Errol Mason