Colin and Peter Wood - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #22

Hello Errol and Lynne, Peter and I wanted to thank you for all your help and hospitality during the lead up to and also during our recent attendance on your Hunt Smart Sambar training course. We learnt an amazing amount about Sambar over the three days that would otherwise have taken years of time in the bush to glean on our own. We thank you for sharing your massive body of knowledge with us.

We had a great time for the rest of our stay in Victoria. We were fortunate in that we saw sambar deer in two locations on the drive to our planned hunting area. The first sighting was of two hinds feeding on the river flats at about 8am. We stopped the car and watched them for 20 seconds or so before they moved away into thicker cover. The second sighting was of a spiker that was standing on the edge of a clearing in an east facing gully head. He was standing motionless watching us at a distance of 50m or so. He was in full shadow other than his back leg which enabled Peter to spot him. These sightings really set our spirits high as I had never actually seen a sambar in daylight before and to have two sighting in one morning was encouraging to say the least.

Then later, employing knowledge acquired on the course, I took this young stag with a single shot from my Sako 338 Win Mag using a Barnes 210gn TTS-X.

Overall we had a great trip where we were able to put the training we received from you into practice, which resulted in a successful hunt. We could not have asked for more than that, with the stars aligning the way they did in so many respects

Thank you once again.

Colin and Peter Wood, North Queensland

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Errol Mason