Dave Noakes - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #43

Errol, I wanted to let you know that I bagged my first deer a few days after the course. Having attended your course I managed to turn myself from a heavily armed bushwalker into a hunter. The Hunt Smart course taught me exactly where the deer would be so I wasn't spending my time wondering aimlessly around the forest.

Being able to drive (or walk) into a location and know where to be looking (and not) straight away is such a bonus. Previously I had spent a hefty 30 odd days out walking from 6 to 10 hours a day up and down hills on trips in the last year alone.

Seeing 3 deer within an hour in an old spot the next day after the course I decided hunting pressure was too heavy in the area (this is also taught on the course), so I moved on to a new area some hundreds of kilometres away.

Using The Hunt Smart System ® I set up several spots after some calculated scouting of the areas and shot this Sambar with the first setup scenario that I tried just 4 days after the course.

Awesome!! Some great eating ahead.

I’d like to also add that doing your course gives you the chance to meet other hunters that are just as serious about learning how to harvest these magnificent animals and team up to go on future hunts.


Dave Noakes, Dickson ACT

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Errol Mason