Jim Colquhoun - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #27

Since attending our Hunt Smart course in late 2011 Jim Colquhoun has had close encounters with 3 sambar stags. The first two eluded him, but the third wasn't so lucky. It was close to dark when this 3 year old stag with 20inch antlers came out of the bush just 42m to Jim's front.

The stag exited the bush lower down the face than Jim had expected so he had to partially stand to obtain sufficient elevation to shoot downwards. Despite moving slowly and cautiously - the instant he did so the stag - who was facing straight ahead - saw Jim’s movement, turned and stared at him.

Fortunately by that time Jim was able to fire the fatal shot and take his first sambar. Well done Jim!!!

Jim Colquhoun

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Errol Mason