John Harvey - IN-CLOSE FULLY GUIDED Success Story #21

The evening I arrived for my hunt the weather was extreme but Errol knew precisely where to shoot a stag in these conditions. We walked to a hide he had previously prepared for these exact weather conditions. He pointed to the spot I was to watch. Within five minutes I spotted this ultra cautious stag on the edge of dense forest. He was casing the small clearing we were watching but the shot was not ideal. Errol whispered to wait. The stag appeared briefly, disappeared then reappeared. After fifteen minutes, just when we thought he had disappeared for good, he reappeared and walked into the edge of the clearing. When he stopped broadside I killed him with one shot.
  • DATE: 24th June 2002
  • Forest – thick, face to face impossible.
  • John took stag which was totally unaware of our presence.
  • Standing 195 yards away.
  • Instant one shot kill - 338 Win Mag.
  • Taken evening before John’s 5 day hunt began.
  • See SOTS Vol 1 & Vol 3 to read overlays applied.
  • See SOTS Vol 1 for Aerial Photo showing where stag taken.
  • Knowing the correct overlays to apply in the prevailing conditions was the key to John’s Success. See the 464 page Hunt Smart System book which lists and describes in detail the Overlays which you should apply to Pinpoint where deer of any species are most likely to be in the prevailing conditions.

John Harvey, NSW

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Errol Mason