Kurt Pongratz - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #3

Kurt Pongratz of Eden Vic. helps Iias Salagaras and Toby Gumbridge build a hide on a 'Hunt Smart®' Training Course.

I am 69 years-old and have been hunting sambar for 20 years without much success. In fact in all this time I had not seen a single stag so I decided the smart thing to do was to attend Errol Mason’s ‘Hunt Smart®’ Training Course.

During the information packed 2 days I picked up many very important tips which I used on my next hunt. As a result of what Errol taught me I changed my hunting tactics considerably. This enabled me to take a shot at my very first sambar stag within a week or two of completing the course. The mature stag was broadside and unalarmed when I fired. I have to say that it was the things which I learnt from Errol that enabled me to achieve what I had been unable to achieve in 20 years of sambar hunting.

If you attend his training course you are guaranteed to become a much more successful hunter - not only of sambar - but of all game animals.

Kurt Pongratz Eden, Vic.

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Errol Mason