Matt Appleton - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #19

The 11th of September 2009 found me attending Errol Mason‘s Hunt Smart Sambar training course along with three of my mates, including Andrew Jones, who I had persuaded to come along. A great weekend was had and armed with the extra knowledge gained, Andrew and I headed straight up over Hotham to prepare for our high country hunt.

We had been planning this hunt for 12 months. I had hunted the chosen area the previous year using the traditional back pack method, hiking in behind the closed gates. Hence the previous years‘ experience provided a sound base on which to hunt the same area that I knew held a significant number of deer. I was excited to be heading back armed with last year‘s experience and the new knowledge gained from Errol.

Two days after attending the course, with the help of my mate Andrew Jones, and employing tips learnt on the course, I took this magnificent sambar stag. Our thanks to Errol for his pearls of wisdom that helped make this a highly successful and enjoyable hunt.


See Matt Appleton and Andrew Jones full story of ‘The Team Work Stag‘ in Secrets of the Sambar Vol 3.

Matt Appleton

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Errol Mason