Michael Mann - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #61

Thank you Errol and Lynne for your hospitality and the professionalism with which you run the Hunt Smart course. The detail covered on the course enabled Mark Brown (pictured here with the stag he took several days after attending the Hunt Smart Training course) and I to take these two stags.

The first was taken just one day after the course and the second three days later, with other opportunities in between to take unalarmed deer. This is the first year that I have hunted and struggled to find credible information to help me.

I purchased the Secrets of the Sambar trilogy and read them previously, yet we found the course invaluable to bring clarity to what we had already learned. The books, which are great, helped me to already take a stag, but by physically walking through your teachings I benefitted much more. Rather than standing alone, they complement one another. It was amazing to methodically work through the training and to see the predictability of the sambar. Changing the culture of hunting from walking them up has not been easy but the results speak for themselves. I would recommend this course to all.

Thanks again.

Michael Mann & Mark Brown, Ringwood North, VIC

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Errol Mason