Ron Conrad - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #10

Ron Conrad's success story from Corryong Hunt Smart® Training Course

Hi Errol,

I have been hunting (aka chasing) sambar for about 12 years without success. After doing your course I learnt more about ‘hunting’ sambar in 1 weekend than in the past 12 years. I was able to bag my first sambar - a hind - the very next day using the knowledge gleaned from your course.

It was text book stuff.

I first looked for sign of sambar in the area, found browse, fresh droppings and tracks. I found a wallow and took your advice about getting in 1 hour before dark, getting down wind and building a hide overlooking the wallow.

Right on dusk I heard crashing through the bush and a stag and hind appeared. The stag knew something was wrong and honked in my direction several times but I could not get a clear shot at him, so decided to take the hind.

My family are now enjoying plenty of venison.

Thanks Errol

Ron Conrad, Sydney

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Errol Mason