Thomas Hartley - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #76

Hi Errol, My Son Thomas, two other mates and I recently finished a Victorian Sambar backpack hunt. Exciting for Thomas as he scored himself a nice little stag. Unfortunately one of the antlers had not developed but it also makes him quite unique!

We had a hard trip with very thick and steep bush with not many openings. The areas we had planned to hunt were not accessible due to recent heavy rain, so we were limited to a small number of options due to the high river levels.

After five days of hunting (we were leaving the next morning) and many hours spent with only a handful of sightings, Tommy decided off his own back to have one last try.

After applying the Overlays for the weather conditions that day, Thomas sat off a spot where the overlays told us the deer would most likely appear later that afternoon.

He adopted a comfortable position with a steady rest to sit and wait for a shot.

About 40 minutes before dark, Thomas spotted a Stag thrashing a sapling on the opposite face approx. 140 metres away. He made the perfect shot with his Tikka .308 and the stag took a few steps then rolled down the steep face and stopped against a tree. The perfect humane one shot instant kill.

Needless to say I’m very proud off how he handled the week, and how he persisted right to the end, even though he was close to giving up a number of times.

Errol, many thanks to you for knowledge learnt whilst attending your Hunt Smart Training Course, and from your 4 books which helped Thomas achieve his first step to maybe that elusive 30 pointer one day!


Peter H, Tasmania

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Errol Mason