Warren Jackman - HUNT SMART COURSE Success Story #70

Reading all Volumes of Secrets of the Sambar prior to the Hunt Smart Course, and the new Hunt Smart System that was published afterwards, laid the basic foundations a successful hunter must apply. Applying knowledge and Hunt Smart strategies, I have since observed many sambar. All were unalarmed and completely unaware of my presence.

Recently I observed two unalarmed stags walking in single file and I took the larger of the two. My success was due to applying knowledge, basic skills and persistence over several years.

Without the knowledge I acquired form Errol’s books and his Hunt Smart course I would still be walking in circles.

Rifle was a Winchester All Weather 30-06 with a Vixen 2.5 -10x50 scope set at 2.5. Distance laser measured 110 metres, with a 240gn Woodleigh Protected Point.

Warren Jackman, Geelong

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Errol Mason