Secrets of the Sambar
Volume 3

THE Definitive Guide to Sambar - VOLUME 3
Biology, Ecology, Behaviour & Hunting Strategies


Over the past 18 months of Travel Restrictions & Lockdowns there has been an unprecedented demand for the 4 books in our Secrets of the Sambar Series. During this period we have sold countless more books than at any other time during the 15 years we have been publishing them. As a result our stock has become significantly depleted. However, due to the doubling of international shipping times and cost, combined with increased printing costs, we cannot guarantee availability once our current stock is sold.



  • Evolution of the Sambar As Prey of Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog & Man


  • Anti-Predator Strategies & How They Employ Them
  • How Sambar Respond to Humans & Hunting Pressure
  • A Day in the Life of a Family Group
  • A Day in the Life of a Stag
  • Communication - Audible and Visual
  • The Role of Wallows - Results of a Two Year Study


  • Plants Used by Sambar
  • Logging Coups
  • Where Monster Stags Roam


  • How Choose the Right Binocular
  • Hunting from Tree Stands and Ground Hides - How to Hunt From Them
  • Bow Hunting Tips & The Biggest Bow Shot Stags
  • Air Currents and Wind Direction- What Every Stalker Should Know
  • Adjust Strategies to the Conditions
  • Hunting with Hounds
  • Tribute to a Hunting Great
  • Australia’s Top Stags
  • Sambar Red Hybrid Monster


  • Forest to Plate


  • QDM for Sambar
  • QDM for Sambar - A Case Study
  • To Cull or Not to Cull - Causes of Malformation & How We Should Respond

Skeletal Overlay

  • Skeletal Overlay

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