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April 12th, 2018
new book, The Hunt Smart System ®


Lynne and I are determined to make this book the best it can possible be, so when Professor Gobind Sagar Bhardwaj and his wife Ritu – who wrote those magnificent articles about India’s wildlife for our magazine – invited Lynne and I to go to India as their guest I jumped at the chance. It proved to be a remarkable experience. The breadth of wildlife seen in the three national parks visited was nothing less than mind-blowing.

Gobind, Ritu and their friends looked after me like the Maharajah – in fact I stayed in the Maharajah’s Bungalow at Kabini Jungle Lodges and Resorts in Nagarhole National Park, southern India. At Sariska, Ranthambhore and Nagarhole - must visit destinations for “wildlifers - I was fortunate to capture some incredible photos of tigers, leopards, nilgai, gaur, elephants, chital and huge antlered sambar stags plus countless other species. Of the thousand or so photos I took, many of sambar, five of tigers and two of leopards are “stand-outs”. Already the best leopard shot has found a place in our new book.

If ever Gobind & Ritu were to conduct Wildlife Safaris in India – for which they are extremely well qualified – you will not find better guides.

Leopard descending tree in Nagarhole National Park.
The 125 year old Maharajah’s Bungalow at Kabini Jungle Lodges & Resorts Nagarhole National Park where Gobind and I stayed.
Sambar Stag and Hind in Sariska National Park
Tigress lying in the jungle in Sariska National Park.
Sambar stag in Sariska National Park.