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Points of Difference

Vixen Artes J Binoculars Provide the following Important Points of Difference

Comparable Performance

Comparable Performance at a Fraction of the Price of Other Leading Brands. Vixen Artes J binoculars provide comparable—and in some aspects—superior performance at a fraction of the price of other leading brands. That is why I am prepared to put my name on - and give my unqualified ‘antler tick’ of approval to the Vixen Artes J binoculars.

Lightweight, Yet Rugged Aluminium Frame.

Because the Vixen Artes J is built on a lightweight, yet rugged aluminium frame, both the 8x42 and 10x42 weigh a mere 700gm (24.69oz) compared to some other brands of the same specs which weigh around 935gm (33oz). This reduction of 235gm or 8oz may not seem much, but by the time you add your rifle, daypack, GPS, knives and other equipment, any unnecessary weight should be avoided.

Spectacle Wearers Receive a Full Field of View

Spectacle Wearers Receive a Full Field of View. Unlike some brands, Vixen binoculars give spectacle wearers a full field of view. This is an important point of difference. In fact I know of one spectacle wearer who was not aware that a leading brand was not giving him a full field of view until he tried Vixen Artes J binoculars. He quickly sold the other leading brand to buy Vixens.

Note that twist up/down eye cups are used to set eye relief. In the down position eye relief is set for people who wear spectacles. Twist them up and they are set for people who do not. However - even when the eye cup is in the down position, some spectacle wearers cannot see the full field of view through some brands whilst they can through Vixen Artes J binoculars.

Clearly there are points of difference between binoculars which cause one to be a perfect fit for one face but not for another. Consequently you should always try binoculars before you buy to ensure they fit your face—especially if you wear spectacles.

Errol Mason Hunt Smart® Approved.

Due to their high level of optical performance, robust build quality and proven reliability, I have no hesitation in giving the Artes J series my unqualified Hunt Smart® Antler Tick of Approval.