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Vixen Artes J Build Quality

Focusing Wheel.

The focusing wheel on the Artes J performs flawlessly. It is perfectly smooth and just the right firmness to facilitate sharp focusing every time.

Hinge Stiffness.

The hinge on the Artes J is tight enough so that when you set the interpupillary distance (IPD) for your eyes it remains set.

Alloy 3 Position Twist Up Eye Cups.

Twist Up Eye Cups set eye relief. The eye cups on the Artes J we distribute are made of alloy so they glide up and down smoothly and are totally reliable.

Rubber Armouring.

Artes J binos have durable rubber armouring which ensures silent, non-slip use. Silence is vital when sambar hunting and stories abound of deer spooked by metallic sounds, so you must do everything to eliminate noise from your equipment.

Objective & Eyepiece Lens Covers.

To help protect the expensive coating on the objective and eyepiece, Vixen supplies rubber covers for the objective lens and eyepiece.

Ergonomic Design.

The design, weight distribution and balance of the Artes J binos helps reduce handshake so you see more detail.


Because the Artes J is built on a strong, lightweight magnesium frame, both the 8 x 42 and 10 x 42 weigh a mere 700gm (24.69oz).

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Vixen Artes J binos are covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Made in Japan.

Vixen Artes J binos are Made in Japan.


By using highly efficient production methods, Vixen is able to manufacture the Artes J for a relatively low price compared to other binoculars of similar performance.

Errol Mason Hunt Smart® Approved.

Due to their high level of optical performance, robust build quality and proven reliability, I have no hesitation in giving the Artes J series my unqualified Hunt Smart® Antler Tick of Approval.