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Vixen Artes J Optical Performance

Phase-coated Prisms.

The BaK4 prisms are Phase-coated. Phase coating - which is a method used to apply coatings to the prisms - prevents lens flare (colour aberration) and dramatically increases resolution.

Fully Multi Coated (FMC) lenses.

All lenses are Fully Multi Coated (FMC). In other words, each lens surface has several layers of coating applied to it. This process provides a bright, sharp image which has high contrast.

High Resolution.

Resolution relates to image sharpness. Artes J binos provide a sharp, crystal clear image. To determine resolution, in soft, diffused light - i.e. not in bright reflective sunlight – view an object about 26m away. You should be able to see the finest detail in tree bark or in the hair of a trophy hanging in the dark corner of a shop. The brighter the image, the higher the resolution so the greater detail you will see.


Artes J binos provide a crystal clear image which is not hazy when viewed in clear atmospheric conditions.

BaK4 Prisms.

Artes J binos have BaK4 prisms which provide an image without any blur, even near the edge – i.e. they are sharp from edge to edge.

Edge to Edge Sharpness.

Edge to edge sharpness enables detail on the edge of the viewing area to be seen. Test this by roving your eye around the edge to see if the image remains sharp.

100% Waterproof.

Inert nitrogen gas filling ensures that Vixen Artes J binos are guaranteed 100% Waterproof in the wettest conditions.

Depth of Field.

Artes J binos provide maximum depth of field. Depth of field’ – i.e. the area in focus is most apparent when viewing close to medium distance objects. If the plane of sharp focus is shallow, just a thin slice of forest is sharp whilst everything before and after is blurred, making it very easy to miss a deer.

Spectacle Wearers.

Vixen Artes J binos provide spectacle wearers with a ‘full field of view’ which many brands do not. If you cannot see the full field of view you maybe missing the most important part of the image.

Pin Cushion Distortion.

Artes J binos are free of pin cushion distortion (PCD) so straight lines appear straight - not curved like a banana. To test PCD, look at the straight edge of a road sign and check that the image is perfectly straight.

Colour Aberration.

Vixen Artes J binos have minimal colour aberration. Colour aberration is when an object such as the trunk of a tree or a street sign, has a strange colour fringe around its edge.

Errol Mason Hunt Smart® Approved.

Due to their high level of optical performance, robust build quality and proven reliability, I have no hesitation in giving the Artes J series my unqualified Hunt Smart® Antler Tick of Approval.