Hunt Smart® Training Course Success Stories

Sambar - A Highly Elusive & Secretive Quarry

Whether hunted in India or here in Victoria’s Great forested Mountains, Sambar have a well deserved reputation for being mysterious and highly elusive. There can be no doubt that the adage, ‘they didn’t get big by being stupid’ applies to the Premier Game Animal of the South Pacific Region, which arguably rates amongst the world’s top ten game animals.

Greg Young

Hunt smart course
Success Story #14

Hi Errol, It was late into my second year of Sambar hunting that I was rewarded with my first Stag. After attending your Hunt Smart sambar training course earlier in the year, I gained valuable information in a variety of areas that I believe fast tracked me to this much valued 24 inch Sambar Stag. Thanks for everything Errol, ...

Greg Young, Shepparton, Vic

Shane Costello - Hunt smart course Success Story #13

Shane Costello - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, Another Hunt Smart Success Story for you.

I managed to take a hind using tactics you taught me on your course. One shot instant kill on an unalarmed hind that had no idea I was there. And during the first hour of hunting a new area. It doesn’t get any better than that. Wayne and I really appreciate the enormous amount you taught us. We will never hunt the old way again. Cheers, Read Full Story >>

Shane Costello, Corio, Vic

Andrew and Luke McMahon - Hunt smart course Success Story #11

Andrew and Luke McMahon - Sambar Deer Success Story
Hi Errol, Another Success Story from your 'Hunt Smart' training course. Luke and I are so happy with your course - the pictures say it all.

I have just come in from caping. Luke would not let me go to bed without sending you the pictures. Will tell you the story another time. Regards, Read Full Story >>

Andrew and Luke McMahon, Tumut, NSW

Ron Conrad - Hunt smart course Success Story #10

Ron Conrad - Sambar Deer Success Story
Ron Conrad's success story from Corryong Hunt Smart® Training Course

Hi Errol, I have been hunting (aka chasing) sambar for about 12 years without success. After doing your course I learnt more about ‘hunting’ sambar in 1 weekend than in the past 12 years. I was able to bag my first sambar - a hind - the very next day using the knowledge gleaned from your course. It was text book stuff. I first looked for sign of sambar in the area, found browse, fresh droppings and tracks. I found a wallow and took your advice about getting in 1 hour before dark, getting down wind and building a hide overlooking the wallow. Right on dusk I heard crashing through the bush and a stag and hind appeared. The stag knew something was wrong and honked in my direction several times but I could not get a clear shot at him, so decided to take the hind. My family are now enjoying plenty of venison. Thanks Errol Read Full Story >>

Ron Conrad, Sydney

Wayne Robinson - Hunt smart course Success Story #9

Wayne Robinson - Sambar Deer Success Story
Dear Errol, Just a quick note to thank you once again for the great course you ran. I got lots of really helpful information in regards to tracking and hunting of Sambar which has been really useful.

After leaving Swifts Creek I went up to Mansfield for some fishing and of course to try out my new skills at hunting Sambar. After two days of looking,I found a moist gully that looked promising with lots of sign. I was able to harvest a Sambar hind whilst she was making her way down to feed. I took her with a cross gully shot from 120 metres. I used the high shoulder blade/spine shot which you taught me and her legs buckled as the 180gn Norma hit her and she tumbled down into thick bush. After a bit of searching I soon realized that Sambar are as hard to see dead as they are alive. After finding her I took the attached photo. Although the bullet exited there was no blood trail at all. I was able to kill this unalarmed hind instantly with one shot by applying a number of techniques and tips you gave us on the course so thanks once again. I must say how incredibly fantastic it was to watc… Read Full Story >>

Wayne Robinson, Melbourne

David 'Bluey' Smith - Hunt smart course Success Story #8

David 'Bluey' Smith - Sambar Deer Success Story
Errol Mason explains to students on the AHI/Game Council NSW Hunt Smart Training Course how to age faecal pellets and how to determine the size and sex of the deer that left them.

CORRYONG HUNT SMART TRAINING COURSE SUCCESS STORY - DAVID ‘BLUEY’ SMITH Two days after attending Errol Mason’s Hunt Smart Training Course for Orange AHI members and Game Council managers, Chris Hyde and I headed to some farm fringe country not burnt by the 03 fires. Finding fresh sign on the fringe we moved up and glassed the North West face of a gully head. In the bottom I spotted a spiker as he got up out of his bed. A high shoulder/spine shot (with bone fragments splintering into the lungs) from Chris’s .325 WSM dropped him on the spot and I had my first Sambar. He was bedded not 200m from the ‘hub’ and 50m up the face from the bottom of the gully. I sincerely believe that Errol Mason’s Hunt Smart Training Courses are the only choice for those hunters wanting to learn the ‘Secrets of the Sambar’. The Hunt Smart System provided a we… Read Full Story >>


David Smith
Game Manager: Sydney Metro / Central West
Conservation Hunting

Paul Brincat - Hunt smart course Success Story #7

Paul Brincat - Sambar Deer Success Story
Left to right, Errol Mason, Anthony Macciocca and Paul Brincat examine a fresh sambar bed at the base of a large eucalypt. Errol explains how to tell it is actually a sambar's bed, how to tell the sex of its user and in what weather conditions it would be used.

Since attending Errol’s Hunt Smart® hunting course I’ve found that I now have the knowledge to better utilize my limited time in the field. When previously I would have gone on a 3 day hunt and seen maybe one stag, I now find that I can go to a particular spot, apply the tactics and things I have learnt on Errol’s course and see stags more frequently. It has also helped to put the pieces together to determine a stags behaviour and habits based on such factors as weather, food sources and breeding grounds. Recently I was applying this knowledge one afternoon whilst glassing a known wallow at 4 pm when a 30 inch stag materialised out of nowhere. While observing this magnificent animal for a total of 30 seconds, I was amazed to see just how cautious and calculating his behaviour was. He travelled stealthily, in total sneak mode, intentionally keeping to the bushline and a… Read Full Story >>

Paul Brincat, Mickleham, Vic.

Andrew Winwood - Hunt smart course Success Story #6

Andrew Winwood - Sambar Deer Success Story
Using knowledge and tactics taught on Errol Mason's 'Hunt Smart®' Training Course

Andrew Winwood of Tasmania finally outsmarted this fine 24 x 24inch heavy antlered stag after spending several days working out how to ‘Out Smart’ him. Read Full Story >>

Andrew Winwood - Hunt smart course Success Story #5

Andrew Winwood - Sambar Deer Success Story
Andrew Winwood and Paul Binns stalked silently into the best vantage point for the prevailing conditions - then using binos - spotted this massive bodied stag whilst he lay in his bed.

Paul harvested this old stag, who had proven over many years that he was very elusive, with a single shot from a 30/06 (see Secrets of the Sambar Volume 2 page 65). Read Full Story >>

Andrew Winwood - Hunt smart course Success Story #4

Andrew Winwood - Sambar Deer Success Story
Above: Using knowledge and tactics learnt whilst hunting with Errol Mason, Andrew Winwood (right) assisted John Butts to take this old wily stag.

After many years hunting fallow in Tasmania I thought it was time for a greater challenge. After hearing of Errol Mason’s success guiding hunters to trophy sambar and reading his articles in Guns & Game magazine I decided to book a 4 day hunt with him. I thought I didn’t really need a guide but I learnt so much during my first hunt that I have no hesitation recommending Errol to anybody needing a start with Sambar hunting or wanting to upgrade their skills. The knowledge Errol passed on was invaluable, not only for sambar, but I have used some of his tips for hunting fallow in Tassie. Errol’s tactics helped me take a couple of nice 220 and a 229 D.S. fallow, along with two very nice sambar stags and a few sambar hinds for venison. I was never lucky enough to take a sambar stag whilst hunting with Errol but I had many great experiences such as watching countless unal… Read Full Story >>

Andrew Winwood, Spreyton Tasmania

Kurt Pongratz - Hunt smart course Success Story #3

Kurt Pongratz - Sambar Deer Success Story
Kurt Pongratz of Eden Vic. helps Iias Salagaras and Toby Gumbridge build a hide on a 'Hunt Smart®' Training Course.

I am 69 years-old and have been hunting sambar for 20 years without much success. In fact in all this time I had not seen a single stag so I decided the smart thing to do was to attend Errol Mason’s ‘Hunt Smart®’ Training Course. During the information packed 2 days I picked up many very important tips which I used on my next hunt. As a result of what Errol taught me I changed my hunting tactics considerably. This enabled me to take a shot at my very first sambar stag within a week or two of completing the course. The mature stag was broadside and unalarmed when I fired. I have to say that it was the things which I learnt from Errol that enabled me to achieve what I had been unable to achieve in 20 years of sambar hunting. If you attend his training course you are guaranteed to become a much more successful hunter - not only of sambar - but of all game animals. Read Full Story >>

Kurt Pongratz Eden, Vic.

Mark Walker - Hunt smart course Success Story #2

Mark Walker  - Sambar Deer Success Story
Mark Walker with his first stag taken shortly after completing Errol Mason's Hunt Smart® Training Course Mark Walker had this to say about the course.

After 11 years of unsuccessful sambar hunting I recently attended Errol Mason’s ‘Hunt Smart®’ Training Course. Shortly afterwards I hunted the ‘High Country’ where I put into practice a lot of Errol’s hints and tips. It all paid off when I took a magnificent 25 inch stag doing precisely what he recommended. Without Errol’s vast knowledge and experience behind me I would still be wandering around the bush hearing a lot of crashing noises in the distance. Here I am with the ‘Trophy of a Lifetime’ - a most magnificent stag. Read Full Story >>

Mark Walker

Brett Cooke - Hunt smart course Success Story #1

Brett Cooke - Sambar Deer Success Story
A wily old stag taken by Brett Cooke less than 24 hours after attending Errol's 'Hunt Smart®' Training Course.

In Brett’s words, ‘I firmly believe my success on that hunt was largely attributable to Errol’s tuition and my employment of his ‘Hunt Smart’ system. I believe that in this world we make our own luck. I made mine when I consciously decided to gain knowledge by participating in Errol’s fabulous course. Without hesitation I recommend his ‘Hunt Smart®’ Training Course to all hunters, regardless of experience level.’ Read Full Story >>

Brett Cooke